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Candy has always been a part of our lives. Ryan and I both have many candy-related stories. I remember the assorted bon bons my grandmother used to have in her antique crystal candy jar back in Kentucky.

They were the most colorful candies I'd ever seen and they sat like royalty up on the shelf, just out of reach. It was the first place I always went as soon as I came in the door. I'd just whiz by grandma and go straight for the candy! I used to walk over to see my aunt solely because she had the really good Dubble Bubble bubble gum at her house. She totally called me out on it in front of my friend one time. Haha! Sure, I felt bad, but I had captured my daily candy treasure. Then, when I was a little older, I met my one true love, dark chocolate.

It was a cool autumn day in the early-1990s and the sun was about to set. My mom had just finished in the grocery and presented to me what would become a lifelong obsession, a full bar of dark chocolate. She told me to eat it slowly, taking only small bites. That was the beginning. Dark chocolate, to me, is like a fine wine. It has subtle fruity aspects and a smooth texture that is completely lost in the creaminess of milk chocolate. Like wine, you should cleanse your palate before tasting to remove any other flavors lingering on your mouth. Take a small bite and let it melt on your tongue. You will be able to taste the different flavor aspects coming out like fruitiness or smokiness. For me, the cocoa content cannot be high enough. Haha! As you can see, I really like dark chocolate candy a lot. I won't take you into the depths of my obsession here, but you get the idea. I care about candy. :)

Ryan has always loved Skittles, Mike & Ikes and Jelly Beans. It's really remarkable how many of these colorful candies he can fit in his mouth at one time. Like any candy lover, Ryan goes through phases.

Ryan holding a plastic egg full on jelly beans

Sometimes he'll be hooked on Hot Tamales for a couple weeks. Sometimes it's JujyFruits. And every couple weeks a new color of Jelly Belly jelly beans adorns his kitchen candy jar. They come in 10lb boxes and he's polished them off in less than two weeks! By himself!! When you walk into Ryan's house, there is a bowl, jar or container of some brightly-colored super-sugary candy in every room. It's great! His son, Liam, is still a little young for Mike & Ikes, but I wouldn't be surprised if before long something bright and sugary doesn't sneakily slip into his possession. And once he's older, he's going to be in heaven! My mother never had candy around our house. This kid is going to be surrounded by sugary confections 24 / 7!

A few years back, Ryan and I decided to share our love for candy with the world. We had been friends for many years, having been college freshmen roommates (you can imagine the candy stashed in that dorm room!), and always dreamed of owning our own candy business. But when we graduated from college our career paths deviated temporarily from this dream, and we found ourselves unfulfilled. An old wise man once said if you want to be really successful in life take what you love and make it what you do. Ryan and I know that you gotta listen to the old wise men, and you gotta follow your heart. So we started CandyStore.com. CandyStore.com provides quality bulk candy at wholesale prices. We have a wide selection of candy from across the world, and we want to share it with you. Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with high quality bulk candy at the lowest wholesale prices possible. Though we specialize in providing candy for events like weddings and corporate functions, we offer the same bulk discounted prices to the general public. Nothing is more fulfilling to us than putting a smile on the faces of children and adults alike.

CandyStore offers candy of all shapes, sizes, colors from all over the world. Need to match your wedding candy with the colors of the bridesmaids dresses? No problem, visit our Candy by Color page. Need some fancy gourmet truffles for a dinner party? The Gourmet Chocolates page will take care of that! Visit our Candy by Categories page and find the exact type of candy you're looking for. Our goal is to cater to everyone's tastes and needs. Looking for sweet Valentine's Day candy? Stop by the Holidays / Events page. We also try, when able, to find items not listed on the site. If you want it and it exists we will do our best to bring it to you.

We are just a couple of regular guys that love candy. I guess, if you are on this site, you must love candy too. Thank you for visiting CandyStore.com, stay as long as you like. Feel free to browse, and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Your Friends in Candy,


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