Andes Mints - 5lb

Andes Mints - 5lb

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About 80 mints per pound

Price per pound $5.80

Ande's mints make the perfect welcome snack for any home, office, or restaurant. Whether your guests want to freshen their breath after they've had a meal, or you'd just like to make them feel at home with something sweet, these are the treats for you.

A perfect blend of creamy milk chocolate and mint filling make these tiny sandwiches of sweetness the perfect refreshment, and they're individually wrapped, so there's no danger of spreading anyone's germs.

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Certified Kosher Candy


Customer Reviews

The best chocolate I have ever used

the best

by sputnyk 6/17/2014
Great product and Fast Shipping!

So basically, the quality of the candy was good. But what really got me was the shipping and I was able to get my order in just 2 days. I was really worried about not getting the package on time because it was for a large-scale fundraising dinner centerpiece snack so I was relieved when I was informed of the arrival date.
Pros: It was great quality.
Cons: Some of the wrappers were unwrapped.

by Fei 3/24/2014
I love this chocolate and mint candy

I used to purchase them from a wholesale grocery supplier but it seems that they do not handle them anymore in the smaller quantities, as I used to purchase them. Now I buy the Andes mints in bulk.

They do have a taste that one cannot forget, and I often give a lot to my bank tellers and other receptionists. It tastes so wonderful when I have at least 3 of them prior to falling asleep I even put one on my wifes pillow just before she retires to bed.
Pros: It's the lingering taste

Also it is so easy to unwrap
Cons: Can't think of anything

by Modest T Stadnyk 3/24/2014
perfect for our wedding candy bar

these are wrapped and guests love that

nice color in a candy jar

chocalte and mint perfect together.


by Sherry Muir 3/22/2014
old favorite-great price

great tasting, good after dinner mint

by Susan 12/19/2013
Wedding Mints

Who doesn't like Andes Mints? These mints were a big hit at our wedding, and people were thrilled that they weren't limited to just one. They were abundant. Great mints.
Pros: Taste, texture, smell, melty-goodness
Cons: Nothing

by Tawnya Graves 12/19/2013
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Andes Mints - 5lb

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