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Big Hunk Bars - 24ct

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What a hunk! A Big Hunk Bar that is. These attractive candy bars are a delicious and old fashioned treat from the 1950s. With yummy honey-sweetened nougat and rich roasted peanuts, this candy is also surprisingly low fat! Fall for this handsome candy bar time after time.

Bring some to a birthday party to surprise every guest, give some to a loved one on Valentine's Day to get a few laughs, or even keep them around the house to crumble into baked goods and make them extra attractive. This delicious candy bar can do it all and more with its muscley, nutty crunch and creamy, chewy nougat.

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Customer Reviews

As good as I remember

Got it for me. One of my favorites

by Donna Kaya 5/10/2015
I love my Big Hunk candy bar's

I'm a 68 year old man and have been eating Big Hunks since I was a little kid. The great flavor has not changed a bit.
Pros: great taste

by Jerry Hunt 10/23/2013
Outstanding candy combination.

Better than a Bit-O-Honey, add fresh peanuts and POW! A nutty, chewy slice of heaven. I've put away quite a few of these in my day, then caught myself wondering why I stopped.

Well, I'm back and I'm DESTROYING Big Hunks again as I did in years past...and I've got some time to make up for!

And in the off chance that they stay around a little to long and get hard, simply dunk the waterproof, fully wrapped bar in a glass of warm water to soak for a minute or so and before you know it, it's good as new and chewy as ever.
Pros: Perfect nougat and peanut combination

Built in waterproof warming package

Nice long chew
Cons: I'm pretty sure that cons like them too...what's not to like?

by Scott C. 3/11/2013
I love this Candy Bar.

Great tasting, chewy, and the texture is great. Plus I can not buy this candy bar on the East Coast. I get a great price on a whole box with very fast shipping.
Pros: Great taste and no chocolate.
Cons: nothing

by Pamela Miller 2/24/2013
Best all time favorite candy is big hunk

Yummy! It's difficult to buy these where I live and was readily available here in bulk candy!
Pros: It's difficult to buy and was readily available on bulk candy!
Cons: It is so good it messes up my diet!

by Elaine 2/19/2013
I've loved Big Hunk ally life

I was s glad to find the Big Hunk candy. When I was achild in Louisiana I fell in love with it. Then I couldn't find it for many years and then I rediscovered it in Colorado and I have been ordering it ever since. It taste the same as when I was a child. Thanks for a wonderful product. I'am now 70 years old and I enjoy every bite.
Pros: All good nothing bad
Cons: Nothing

by Louis Prejean 9/29/2012
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Big Hunk Bars - 24ct

Certified Kosher Candy


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Big Hunk Bars - 24ct

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