How Much Candy Do I Need for a Candy Buffet? (Videos)

Are you stumped about how much candy will fill up your jars? Most people have no clue how much it would take, and when time is of the essence, you gotta get it right the first time.

Candy buffet - How much candy do I need?

Here are some helpful tips (and videos below!) to buying the right amount of candy for your candy buffet.

Know your space

First, figure out where your candy buffet will go. That will help you understand how big of a table or display area you will need to fill with fun and colorful candy.

Tip: Sometimes it’s better to over-fill a small space than to spread thin over a larger area.

Credit:  Corey Ann via Flickr

Credit: Corey Ann via Flickr

Diversify Smartly

You already know what colors you want to use. Now try to economize by choosing the candy that will go the farthest for your dollar first, then moving on to the really good stuff.

For example, White Wedding Mints are gorgeous and inexpensive for 5 pounds. If white is one of your colors, put these on your list. This strategy will leave you with more money to spend on your other colors as you move on to your top priority candies.

Prepare for Greedy Guests

Greedy Girl

Your candy buffet will be very popular at your event. People will devour it quickly and probably even come back for seconds.

It’s a good idea to buy more than the just bare minimum needed to fill your space. Not only will it give you room for error in your estimations, but you can keep any excess candy under the buffet table and refill it when it gets low.

Watch these videos ↓

Next, start to get an idea of how far your candy will go. Watch a few of these videos to wrap your head around how much volume you’ll get per pound of your favorite candy.

A lot of our products come in 5 pounds or 10 pounds. That sounds like a lot. But, when building a candy buffet, it might not go as far as you initially think.

5 pounds of M&M’s tutorial. Go to M&M’s Page.

5 pounds of gummy bears. Go to Gummy Bears page.

5 pounds of Salt Water Taffy. Go to Salt Water Taffy page.

10 pounds of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Go to Jelly Belly page.

10 pounds of Sixlets decorator candy. Go to Sixlets page.

Rock candy swizzle sticks. Go to Rock Candy page.

5 pounds White Wedding Mints. Go to White Mints page.

5 pounds Starlight Mints. Go to Starlight Mints page.

5 pounds Jolly Ranchers. Go to Jolly Ranchers page.

10 pounds Sunkist Fruit Gems

You’re going to have such a great candy buffet! Let us know how it goes. …and send us the pictures!!


  1. kay says

    I need 150 of your heart shaped chocolates (red wrappers). How many pounds do you suggest I will need to reach that number? Thank you

  2. Melissa says

    I am purchasing 100 4x4x4 clear vinyl boxes to use for fundraising. I plan to fill them with a combination of two of your candies. How many boxes would I fill with 5 pounds of cinnamon imperial hearts? How many boxes would I fill with 5 pounds of M&M’s? Thank you.

    • Admin says

      Hi Melissa,

      Candy volumes can be tricky. But we like to use water to help us estimate. For example, the video above on the M&M’s shows that 5 pounds of M&M’s is about a half gallon of liquid. So you might take a half gallon milk container, fill it with water, and then see how many times you can fill a 4x4x4 vinyl box. If it fills it up 12 times, you know that 5 pounds of M&M’s will fill about 12 of your boxes.

      If you don’t have the boxes yet, maybe substitute a whiskey tumbler or another small glass that might be close to 4x4x4.

      As for the cinnamon hearts, they are about the same size as the white mints shown in a different video above. The wine glasses used in that video might be similar in size to your vinyl boxes. All together 5 pounds of those white mints comes out to a little more than a half gallon.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Amy says

    We are hosting a birthday party for our 13 year old with 20 kids coming. How many pounds of candy would you recommend for our candy bar?

    • Nicole says

      We usually recommend about 1/2 pound per guest when considering consumption. But if you are building a candy buffet bar, you are going to need more than 10 pounds. The videos above should help you get a better idea of how much candy you need to fill the space you envision for your buffet. It’s all about how you want your display to look. Some people like to have the containers close together so the buffet has a feel of abundance. Other people like to spread out the design for a cleaner look. But, there is no wrong way to do a candy buffet!

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