Bonomo Turkish Taffy Vanilla - 24ct

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Vanilla - 24ct


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The taste of vanilla makes everything better, but too often we think of something vanilla as a blank canvas, to be added to, rather than a delicious flavor on its own. These Bonomo Turkish Taffy Vanilla bars will change your mind. Six inches of delicious vanilla taffy flavor and that sweet pull will have your rapt attention, with no thought whatsoever of adding anything. This 24-count box of Bonomo Turkish Taffy Vanilla bars features the classic packaging, a retro flair that will attract anyone looking to relive a few childhood memories. Watch them fly off the shelves—you may need to order more than one of these 24-count boxes!

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childhood memories

So much of our childhood is connected to the candy we purchased either with members of our family or our friends. When we repurchase it as adults it just doesn't taste the same but Bonomo Turkish Taffy still remains the the best ever. Nothing is better then smashing it and breaking it into little pieces to enjoy. Great stress reliever and you get to enjoy something fabulous. Good bulk candy.

by Valerie Willsea 10/21/2011
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Bonomo Turkish Taffy Vanilla - 24ct

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