Chocolate Starlight Mints - 5lb

Chocolate Starlight Mints - 5lb

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About 85 pieces per pound (425 total)

Price per pound $3.00

Chocolate starlight mints are a new and amazing take on a classic candy. Everyone loves the refreshing flavor of the traditional hard mint, now add chocolate.

Starlight mints, which are also sometimes called pinwheel mints, feature a lovely white background with bold red stripes. Our chocolate starlight mints take that same elegant pattern and use it on a dark background with brilliant green stripes instead.

Now you can enjoy that delicious minty taste with a touch of savory chocolate. Each round mint is crafted using solid hard candy. This allows them to provide the flavor candy lovers adore in a long lasting treat. Each mint is individually wrapped in clear plastic so you can admire their dark beauty before you open the first one up!

Pour them into glass jars or candy dishes and serve to guests, use them in the office candy jar or make your gingerbread houses more unique with these tasty decorations!

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Certified Kosher Candy


Customer Reviews

mint chocolate starlights

I will use them in Hot chocolate. I have mints that were mint with some chocolate but these were chocolate with a hint of mint. I didn't like it as much. I am a mint freak not chocolate.

by Deborah Labodin 2/9/2015
Chocolate Starlight

To have in my car while I'm driving

by Manuel Duarte 1/30/2015
My favorite!

Like the individual wrapping
Pros: Good quality! My favorite
Cons: N/A

by K Kaska 3/6/2014
Great after dinner mint.

I sampled one of these mints in a diner and loved them. Chocolate & mint is a great combination. But I couldn't find them at any of our local stores. So I checked on line, found them and love them.

by Joan McNeal 3/4/2014
Good Price

A product you don't see very often and our customers love them. Great web-site and great fast delivery with flat rate shipping!
Pros: Available in bulk

by A Apple 11/12/2013
Chocolate mint lovers

Great quick pick-me-up for a sweet tooth that loves chocolate mint.
Pros: Good taste

Easy to carry around in your purse or pocket.
Cons: Nothin -

by Mary Aegerter 10/8/2013
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Chocolate Starlight Mints - 5lb

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