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Chocolate Starlight Mints - 5lb

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About 85 pieces per pound (425 total)

Price per pound $3.20

Chocolate Starlight Mints - 5lb

Product Details

Chocolate starlight mints are a new and amazing take on a classic candy. Everyone loves the refreshing flavor of the traditional hard mint, now add chocolate.

Starlight mints, which are also sometimes called pinwheel mints, feature a lovely white background with bold red stripes. Our chocolate starlight mints take that same elegant pattern and use it on a dark background with brilliant green stripes instead.

Now you can enjoy that delicious minty taste with a touch of savory chocolate. Each round mint is crafted using solid hard candy. This allows them to provide the flavor candy lovers adore in a long lasting treat. Each mint is individually wrapped in clear plastic so you can admire their dark beauty before you open the first one up!

Pour them into glass jars or candy dishes and serve to guests, use them in the office candy jar or make your gingerbread houses more unique with these tasty decorations!

About 85 pieces per pound (425 total)

Price per pound $3.20

Made by: Quality Candy Co Inc (Gilliam)

SKU: K329201

Certified Kosher Candy

Customer Reviews


These are a good change of taste from the the old fashion peppermint candies.

by Suzie D. 5/9/2016
Alright taste, Great price.

I actually bought it to keep in a bowl on my desk for myself, and anyone who happens to come by and grabs one. They aren't as good as I remember having at a restaurant but the taste is still good, and for the price they are at they are a tasty treat for anyone whose tried them.

by Brock 4/29/2016
chocolate mints

There are different variations of this mint from different sellers so beware.. I bought these from a different seller and they came in a mix of these mints and a very very tiny version of this mint and I felt cheated because I thought I was buying 5 lbs of the regular size. So, I bought from a different seller when I finished those and they were a different mint all together; they were good but not as minty. The bag I got from the candy store was the exact mint pictured in the same wrapper and all the same size. I am pleased with this mint they are a very good after dinner treat or just when you want something sweet without a lot of calories. They have just the right combination of chocolate and mint. I am very happy with this purchase at the candy store.

by Karen 4/1/2016
Best Mint

In Bowl in foyer. Friends and Family love them

by John 3/25/2016
our favorite candy

We keep a baggie full of "choco starlight mints" in our car, any time we go somewhere we have a candy. Been doing this for years.

by manuel ortiz 2/21/2016
Like Dining Out

The Chocolate Starlight Mints are outstanding. Have a few after dinner and it is like dining out. I bought 2 large packages and will use them with medium sized glass jars with lids for token Christmas gifts. Simply fill the jar and put a bow on top. How easy is that? It shows people that you ordinarily would not get a real gift for, that you care and appreciate them.

by Hurricane Bob 10/25/2015
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Chocolate Starlight Mints - 5lb

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