Double Salt Licorice - 2.2lb

Double Salt Licorice - 2.2lb


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You like the best of both worlds don't you? We're talking about sweet and salty! Well, with these Dubbel Zout Licorice candies, you can enjoy a whole lot of that flavor sensation. Flavored with delicious black licorice with a saltier bite, these little ''DZ'' monogrammed morsels will be the perfect size snack for you to satisfy a sweet and salty tooth whenever you please.

Since they're so small, you can enjoy them one by one or by the handful! Bring some home and set them out in candy dishes for your friends and family to munch on. Decorate the tops of cakes with a sprinkle of these. Even put them into after dinner drinks like Sambuca for something extra special and delicious. We're sure you'll love eating these little candies no matter how you choose to do so!

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Customer Reviews

Salty! Salty! Salty!

I'm so thrilled that I've finally found a distributor for this weird and delicious candy. Licorice salt-bombs.
Pros: Nobody seems to like it but me.
Cons: Nobody seems to like it but me.

by jen anderson 6/3/2011
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Double Salt Licorice - 2.2lb

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