Dubble Bubble Gum - 5lb

Dubble Bubble Gum - 5lb

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About 68 pieces per pound

Price per pound $3.00

What's pink, chewy, and was eaten by the ancient Greeks and the Mayans centuries ago? Bubblegum! Bet you didn't know gum had such a historic past. Now that you do, bring a bag of this delicious, classic Dubble Bubble Gum home for your family to try.

Individually wrapped with the power to blow monstrous bubbles, these little bubblegums make the perfect choice to fill a piļ¾ata, add to a birthday candy buffet bar, or to use as filler candy in a present. You can even bring a bag of Dubble Bubble to a baseball game and chew along with the players. Whatever you do, you'll love chewing, tasting, and blowing bubbles with this time-tested favorite.

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Customer Reviews

Love, Love, Love!!!

This was the best price I found. Had gone out to other candy stores and price was extremely high. candystore.com was a life savor.

by Yolanda Acosta 5/18/2013
i love dubble bubble

it is a good seller
Pros: love the freshness, because of the freshness the gum is nice and soft
Cons: loses its flavor fst

by Gilbert Perreault 10/6/2012
We loved the Double BubbleGum

The Double BubbleGum was and isdelicious it was fresh which was amazing firsttime customer 7 Il keep comming back !!
Pros: no cons
Cons: excellent taste delicious flavor fresh and delicious

by Richard 8/16/2012
I love this type of gum!

This gum is pretty sugary, but I love the taste! You can blow bubbles with it or let it sit in your mouth. You have to have a real sweet tooth to eat this, and absolutely love sugar!
Pros: It's very sugary; perfect for people who have a real sweet tooth
Cons: It loses the sweet flavor after about 5 or more minutes of chewing

by Amber Trotman 6/12/2012
It's ok

Not to bad once is soft in the mouth a little to hard to chew

At first but some how young teen love this gum
Cons: It's to hard to chew at first should me made to be soft from the beginning

by Carmen Fernandez 2/18/2012
Great nostalgic candy for my parents 80th Birthday!

They are colorful and just the right size to decorate with! They fit in the champagne flutes just right!
Pros: Colorful, fresh and good tasting!

by Judy 6/10/2011
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Dubble Bubble Gum - 5lb

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