Assorted Fruit Sours Candy Balls - 5lb

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Assorted Fruit Sours Candy Balls - 5lb

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Holy Moly! These tart Assorted Fruit Sours Candies deliver an unrelenting pucker with delicious, fruity flavor. In sour apple, lemon, tangerine, grape, and cherry, there's a flavor for everyone. Bring some to a birthday party, add some to a lemonade for a sour, fruity flavor addition and pretty garnish, or keep them around the house when you're in the mood for a feisty snack.

One of the sourest candies to grace the mouths of many, these little pucker-packed candies will please every sour candy lover. Their rainbow of beautiful, bright colors may look unsuspecting, but get ready for a dose of tartness that will thrill your taste buds!

Price per pound $4.60

Made by: Sweet'S Candy Company

SKU: U320233

Customer Reviews

Delicious Sour Balls

Home use/biking sugar fix. These are just as delicious as the ones formerly made by Judson-Atkinson, which is now out of business as far as I can tell.

by David 6/17/2016
The greatest sours in the world.

I thought for years that Judson had stopped making their Cherry and Assorted Sours, but I decided to do a little digging and found the company had been bought out. It was pure joy to find out The Candy Store was able to offer them again. Just the same as I remember.

by Eric K. 5/19/2016
These were perfect and very timely delivery!

I included these in a candy bar I set up for a girls party!

by Shannon Needham 3/16/2015
I Live in the UK

Every time I go to Florida I buy these I absolutely love them I bought 2 Jars of them when I was last there coming to the end of the 2nd Jar and not back in Florida till October 2015 wish I could get some more now to keep me going till October

by Roger Jakes 2/9/2015
Heavenly sour candy

I recently tried the Assorted Fruit Sours Candy Balls at a friends party. I was astonished with the great quality of this candy. the Assorted Fruit Sours Candy Balls had a blast of a bold twangy sour taste to them when you first taste them. Then followed by a deliciously sweet fruity flavor afterward. These Sours Candy Balls are by far the best sour candies i have had yet!!!

by Alyssa 6/16/2014
Unbelievably Better than Jelly Bells

I came across these while shopping in NYC. I said, "these are much more delicious than regular ole jelly beans!" The sales associate explained that they order them specially"
Pros: from Texas. A few days later I was still fondly remembering the flavorful candies
Cons: so I called them and found out how to order my own. sent them to be about a week later

by Reception 3/28/2014
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Assorted Fruit Sours Candy Balls - 5lb

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