Gummi Mini Burgers - 60ct Box

Gummi Mini Burgers - 60ct Box


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Stacked high with flavor, these gummi cheese burgers are perfect for a summer picnic or the 4th of July! Everyone loves a good burger, so why not try a delicious hamburger gummy candy today!

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Customer Reviews

Great Treat for My Students

I use these gummi burgers as a reward for student's who successfully complete reading tests. The kids are surprised and really enjoy the treat. The burgers are not an ordinary treat like a piece of bubble gum. It makes it fun to complete assignments.

by Connie G 11/18/2013
Gummi Mini Burgers - Excellent Choice

These Gummi Mini Burgers are a compliment to our customer orders at Giant Burger!


by Katie Rosa 9/4/2013
Gummy Joy

These burgers made me want to live as a child. They are the most delicious things ever laid in plastic and could end wars by their very existence. I am entirely confident that without these burgers mankind doesn't have a single justification for continued existence. These burgers have saved billions of lives, so well we will never know their identities.
Pros: Taste, texture, color, assembly, double stack ability
Cons: They are not legally required to be sold everywhere.

by Dustin Turner 8/15/2013
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Gummi Mini Burgers - 60ct Box

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