Haribo Gummi Crocodiles - 5lb

Haribo Gummi Crocodiles - 5lb

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Crickey, mate! Gummi crocs! Multi-color gummy candy crocodiles are a dangerous fruity treat. Green bodied crocs have a fury red gummi head that is lying in wait for the next tummy to invade! But these ferocious animal treats have a soft side too. The soft and chewy deliciousness of Haribo gummi candy is evident in every man-eating morsel. Have some for a kid's birthday party and watch the imaginations run wild! They are also great toppings for swamp themed birthday cakes or cupcakes. How cool will your kid be when he shows up at school with crocodile cupcakes? Very cool, that's how cool. Why not let the croc hunter in them come out to play? Did you know that crocodiles have been around longer than dinosaurs! Scientists tell us that dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years ago, but that there is evidence of crocodiles that are 200 million years old! They must be pretty smart to stick around as long as they have. Think you're smarter? See if you can match wits with a bag of yummy gummi crocodiles today!

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Haribo Gummi Crocodiles - 5lb

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