Jaw Busters Jawbreakers - 5lb

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About 50 pieces per pound

3/4-inch diameter.

Price per pound $3.60

Jaw Busters Jawbreakers - 5lb

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Don't bite down on one of these Jaw Busters Jawbreakers! These hard candies are great for savoring a ton of sweetness for a long time.

Buy a bulk bag of Jaw Busters hard candies for the little ghouls and goblins coming around the neighborhood on Halloween, or keep them around when you're craving something sweet for yourself. You can keep a bag of Jawbreakers in a wide assortment of colors and flavors all year long.

About 50 pieces per pound

3/4-inch diameter.

Price per pound $3.60

Made by: Ferrera Pan

SKU: F316758

Certified Kosher Candy

Customer Reviews

Different Ingredients But Ok

I am 60 yrs old, when I was young I used to love these. They were Jawbreakers then. They were these colors, but they had no fruity taste. They were plain sugar. I loved them. To this day I cannot find the original Jawbreakers, because Ferrara change it. And now they are JawBusters. I love the originals more. Because when you sucked on them and bit them, they would melt this sugary substance in your mouth. Now they are really fruity. But since they are not going to go back to the original method, I just have to get use to these. I also wish they would sell the busters in the color preference for the customer. I hate the reds, but love the yellows. If I could just get them in yellow it would be great.

by pippygirl 12/9/2016

Do you know how many carbs per piece

by Ded 9/23/2016
Great Jaw Breakers

These are wonderful. After sucking them you can break them very easily. No broken teeth!!

by Linda Thomas 8/10/2016
Happy to have

I love these jaw breakers and I used to buy them at the Dollar tree and for some reason they all quite selling them. so i had to resort to buying online.. I little pricey, but almost all sites are the same , but candy store shipping is a bit less.. The product I received was properly packaged and to my expectations

by Heidi Aldridge 8/8/2016
Anti-Smoking Device

Years ago when my leg got crushed in a forklift accident I decided , while I was in the hospital, to quit smoking. I ate jawbreakers as a replacement for years. Now my wife has quit and she is using jawbreakers the same way. Whatever works. We both have dentures so we can't rot out our teeth as a result.

And they are quite tasty!

by Jack Struve 8/3/2016

kids and friends

by sharon 7/17/2016
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Jaw Busters Jawbreakers - 5lb

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