Bulk Assorted Fruit Lollipops - 5lb

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Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli , lolli, lolli Sorry, we're getting carried away with ourselves. It happens a lot here. It's just that we're so passionate about these scrumptious suckers that it makes us break out in song.

They don't require a trip to the doctor and they come in bulk, so these pops are the perfect choice for any occasion. Stock up for your child's next party or put them in a jar on your desk for lucky coworkers to snack on. You'll quickly become a favorite in the office! With a light, sweet, fruity flavor, in a rainbow of colors, everyone can enjoy a mouthful of deliciousness.

Made by: Quality Candy Co Inc (Gilliam)

SKU: F316497

Customer Reviews

I was amazed!

I was skeptical when I placed my order because I just knew all the suckers were going to come broken, be extra small and have a weird plastic taste. Boy, was I wrong. Not only was every sucker perfectly intact, every flavor had a great taste (yes even the purple ones), without a plastic after taste like a similar brand I had previously purchased. Candystore.com is my offical go to site for all my candy needs. I can't wait to use this site to shop for my wedding candy.

by Shernae 4/17/2015
The 5 lb bag of lollipops meets all expectations. The llollipops are a good size, open easily, and taste true to their flavor. 5 stars.

This bag of lollipops is surprising. I had no real idea what 5 pounds of lollipops would look like and, boy, was I impressed! All the flavors are light and sweet. They are like a trip back in time to true grape, lemon, cherry, orange, and lime. I love them all. I plan to share these around with grandchildren and friends and will be sure to tell them where I got them. Thank you, Candy Store, for a bag full of fun!

by Sheryl George 3/11/2015
Fruit flavored lollipops

My husband and I have a small online business. To show our appreciation to our customers, we include a lollipop when we package and ship them their order. It's comforting to know there is a dependable candy company to purchase lollipops in bulk. ;-)

by Janet Bates 2/4/2015
Good old-fashioned candy!

My grandchildren like these lollipops very much. I also gave some to a friend with diabetes to use when her blood sugar falls too low. I really didn't need 5 lbs. but this was the only place where I could find what I consider old-fashioned lollipops without flavors like watermelon and green apple which I think taste terrible. I would buy a bag of suckers and end up throwing half of them away because the kids didn't like those unusual flavors.
Pros: They have good flavors.

by Ruth Kardaras 2/18/2014
Tasty Lollipops

We give out these lollipops free to our customers and they love their fruity flavor! Shipping is fast and reasonable. ;-)

by Buddy & Janet Bates 12/19/2013
The Candy Treat that Boosts Profits!

Once upon a time, only banks or hotels offerred quality candy to it's customers in the area surrounding our business; but we decided to change all that by offerring a variety of colorful candy assortments to our customers. And we have seen our profits soar. These lollipos are a favorite staple among children and adults alike. I have not had a single complaint about the flavor and a large bag lasts ua about a month, but it's well worth it, we have seen a 50% monthly profit increase over last year and candy is a large part of our branding.
Pros: Great variety of color, excellent flavor.
Cons: They're so good, I can't keep them in stock.

by CEDRICK SHELTON 11/4/2013
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Bulk Assorted Fruit Lollipops - 5lb

Certified Kosher Candy


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Bulk Assorted Fruit Lollipops - 5lb

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