Long Boys Coconut - 15lb

Long Boys Coconut - 15lb


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Caramel and coconut candy. We can't help but drool whenever those two words are in the same sentence. If you've never tried Long Boys Coconut candies, then you're in for a real treat!

These sticks of amazing gooey caramel and sweet coconut will make you fall in love and come back for more! If you're a lover of classic candy or know someone who is, bring home a bulk order of these Long Boys Coconut candies and share the wealth. They're delicious eaten alone of used on top of a sundae or as a stirrer in an ice cream float. Give these Long Boys Coconut candies a try today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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Customer Reviews

My Favorite Childhood Candy

Long Boy candy was my favorite growing up in Winnfield, LA. We would walk to the local store and get it. Then, it was a long flat candy that you could put between your teeth and bend back and forth until you had a bite of that carmel and coconut melting in your mouth as you chewed and chewed. Over the years it was difficult to find the candy and usually when I came home to LA I would find it in different stores and buy all they had to bring back to FL. to enjoy.

My children found this web site and ordered me 15 lbs. I am glad it is available online as I love the taste of the carmel and coconut.
Pros: I like the taste and how chewy it is. I like the memories from childhood.
Cons: I dislike the size of the candy. I would rather pay more and have a larger size. I dislike that the candy is so hard to find. - usually in convenient stores.

by Betty Jo 4/15/2013
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Long Boys Coconut - 15lb

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