Gimbals Jelly Beans Mango - 10lb

Gimbals Jelly Beans Mango - 10lb

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Mangoes are beautiful when they’re ripe and the flesh of the fruit is delicious, but let’s face it—it’s kind of a tough job to get to it. Like its tropical cousin the coconut, the mango requires some substantial effort to find the flesh, and even then you can’t eat all of it without wading through a tough outer skin and dealing with the center seed. Capture the delicious juicy taste of this tropical delight—if not the power punch of Vitamin A—with Gimbals Mango Jelly Beans. The subtle yellow-orange color mimics the color of the fruit itself, and this tiny treat will work beautifully as a tasty accessory to an island-themed party or to color coordinate with your event’s décor. Stock your candy aisles with this 10-pound bag of Gimbals Mango Jelly Beans and you’ll be astonished at how quickly you’ll need to reorder.

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Gimbals Jelly Beans Mango - 10lb

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