Chocolate Covered Cherries - 10lb

Chocolate Covered Cherries - 10lb

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About 60 pieces per pound

Price per pound $10.00

If a "cherry on top" is an expression for a perfect scenario, then these Chocolate Covered Cherries on top would most certainly represent the best day ever! With this bulk supply of chocolate cherries, you'll be in for the best year ever because it will take you so long to go through them.

With this decadent treat from Marich, you'll bite into melty milk chocolate and then will uncover a juicy cherry inside. What's not to love? Set these out on a fancy silver platter during a tea party or dessert with friends and you'll instantly add more deliciousness and classiness to the occasion. Even package some Chocolate Covered Cherries into cute cellophane bags to give away as a gourmet treat to visitors.

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Certified Kosher Candy


Customer Reviews

my wife isn't getting any of these!!

absolutely the best cherry candy ever!!!

by wayne schumann 3/17/2013
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Chocolate Covered Cherries - 10lb

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