Mega Smarties 2.25oz - 24ct

Mega Smarties 2.25oz - 24ct


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The latest and great-biggest incarnation of the old classic smarties. These humungous pill-shaped candies are more than twice the size of the original and almost the size of a candy bar!

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Customer Reviews

Great for workplace safety promotion!

At Sonoco Flexible Packaging, we are always looking for ways to keep safety in the forefront of our employee's minds. I put labels on the rolls of mega smarties that said Be a smartie when it comes to safety. Our employees got a kick out of it as well as a great roll of candy. Everybody seems to love smarties! I'll be back for more candy for future safety promotions.

by Janet Creel 1/10/2012

These candies are really, really good. The flavor is so much better than the normal, small size - it's like they added flavor when they added size! I carry these with me for when I need a little sugar boost - they will melt if you suck on them, but I rarely can wait for them to melt... Great stocking stuffers... I always add them to packages when I sent gifts to family - they love them also. This is a true winner!
Pros: Flavor is great!

by SaraVicT 11/14/2011
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Mega Smarties 2.25oz - 24ct

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