Mega Smarties 2.25oz - 24ct

Mega Smarties 2.25oz - 24ct

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Mega Smarties are the ultimate when it comes to tart candy. Regular Smarties include smooth discs with a subtly indented top and bottom in an array of pastel colors. The mega version features those same characteristics, but in a much bigger size! If just one small Smarties pack isn't enough, you need to try the Mega size!

These are the largest of the brand's family of confectionary treats. What makes mega Smarties even better is their convenient packaging. A number of amply sized Smarties are stacked close together and wrapped in clear plastic. The twisted sides are easy to unravel, providing quick access to the delicious tidbits hidden inside.

Our bulk Smarties box gives you many individually wrapped tubes so you can easily share, store or travel with your favorite snack. Mega Smarties are wonderful for birthdays, picnics, family reunions, school activities, weddings and many other events! Order your bulk box today and experience the flavor of the biggest Smarties of them all!

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Customer Reviews

Great for workplace safety promotion!

At Sonoco Flexible Packaging, we are always looking for ways to keep safety in the forefront of our employee's minds. I put labels on the rolls of mega smarties that said Be a smartie when it comes to safety. Our employees got a kick out of it as well as a great roll of candy. Everybody seems to love smarties! I'll be back for more candy for future safety promotions.

by Janet Creel 1/10/2012

These candies are really, really good. The flavor is so much better than the normal, small size - it's like they added flavor when they added size! I carry these with me for when I need a little sugar boost - they will melt if you suck on them, but I rarely can wait for them to melt... Great stocking stuffers... I always add them to packages when I sent gifts to family - they love them also. This is a true winner!
Pros: Flavor is great!

by SaraVicT 11/14/2011
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Mega Smarties 2.25oz - 24ct

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