Napoleon Sour Bon Bons Candy - 7lb

Napoleon Sour Bon Bons Candy - 7lb


About 65 pieces per pound

Price per pound $6.86

Napoleon Sour Bon Bons are a delicious sour candy treat with a sour powder kick in the middle. Watch out for a strong pucker-up punch with these taste bud conquerors! They have no mercy!

SKU: C104000

Flavors List

Sour Lemon (yellow) & Assorted (lemon, cherry, tangerine, and lime).

Customer Reviews

I love these Napolean Sour Bon Bons !!!!

This candy is so good.The combination of the sweetness and flavor of the hard outer part of the candy and the sour powder on the inside is perfect.It`s a great candy to have on hand year round.I have just recently gotten my third order and I am always very pleased with how prompt my orders have been filled by this company.

by Lois Via 11/17/2013
Without It For Too Many Years!

I first had Napoleon Bon Bons in Fort Worth TX. Remember the days when department stores had candy and nut counters? We only lived in Fort Worth for four years, so I was without them until I realized they might still exist and I maybe could look them up on the internet! They do and I did, and I got a big bag to split with my future son-in-law as his birthday present. (Along with a candy dish.) They were shipped very efficiently and I am more than pleased with a candy

by Rebecca Conway 8/15/2013
Love this candy in bulk

I've been buying this candy for several years now and found this to be the only place selling it in bulk. Wonderful bon bons in various flavours, and extremely fresh.

by Nilebird 8/12/2013
Sweet, tangy and wonderfully sour!

These are the best sour balls around. Great flavors, long lasting taste with a blast of sour in the center.

by Steve C 8/9/2013
True gourmet hard candy!

We have loved Napoleon bon bons since we were small kids and we are happy to have continued opportunity to purchase them. They are well priced and they arrived well packaged with no broken pieces. The only minor problem is that they are shown on the website as being in their original disk shape but unfortunately the Napoleon bon bon manufacturer has changed the shape to a round marble shape. We prefer the old disk shape but they are just as delicious non the less.
Pros: Wonderful taste and assortment of flavors.
Cons: Prefer the original larger disk shape as opposed to the newer marble shape. Marble shape makes them more of a choking hazard.

by Vickie P. 8/1/2013
This bulk cand is cheaper than buying it (if you can find it) in small bags.

Love it and wish that I could purchase a bag of tangerine flavor. It is so good.
Pros: everything
Cons: that I can't purchase it in bags of orange, or tangerine.

by Katy Wood 7/29/2013
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Napoleon Sour Bon Bons Candy - 7lb

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