Claey's Horehound Candy Drops - 10lb

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Claey's Horehound Candy Drops - 10lb

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Pop one of these old-fashioned sore throat remedies in your mouth for a sweet taste of the good old days. Dusted with sugar, Natural Horehound Claey's Old-Fashioned Candy Drops have a classic, herbal taste.

You can give them to your kids for a special treat or to soothe their sore throats. Why suck on a cough drop that just tastes like medicine when you can get the same effect with an old-fashioned candy drop?

Price per pound $3.00

Made by: Claey

SKU: K336951

Customer Reviews

My favorite candy.

I have a hard time finding these. Now I won't need to search high and low.

by Vaughn 8/13/2016
Claey's horehound candy drops

We all love horehound candy and this site is the only place we can find where it is available. Years ago, it was quite common to find horehound candy in barrels in stores but not anymore.

Thanks for providing a site where we can satisfy our longing for this delicious old time candy.

by Marlene Hegseth 4/8/2016
Yum I love these for a sore throat.

I used it for a sore throat. Can you try making a corn free more natural version with pure horehond. We are allergic to corn. Thanks!

by Amber 4/1/2016

very good for dry sore throat...delish as well....

by Marianne 1/22/2016
good customer service, fast delivery!

We were very happy to find this candy and the cost to buy and ship it was very inexpensive..thank you!!
Pros: It's fresh!

by autumn brown 12/15/2013
very good candy need the opertunity to buy less pounds 5 lb

candy has very good flavor but needs opertunity to to buy less lbs say 5 lb

by Gerald Bauer 11/19/2013
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Claey's Horehound Candy Drops - 10lb

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