Nerds Gumballs - 21lb

Nerds Gumballs - 21lb


Price per pound $4.29

They may be geeky, but these Nerds Gumballs are some of the coolest candies on the market! That's because they possess the same fruity and tart flavor of their smaller predecessor, Nerds, but also are packed with delicious bubblegum on the inside!

We think this will up their popularity and stop the name calling, but try them for yourself and make your decision. If you have an old gumball machine that you'd like to add an unexpected treat to, then these gumballs are just the thing to up the ante. Surprise your friends and family by carrying these around in your purse so when they ask you for a breath freshening piece, you can give them one of these Nerd's Gumballs instead!

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Customer Reviews

Astonishing Gumballs, worth every penny!

It is easy to underestimate the simple gumball. Yet this gumball has redifined the joy of candy. I purchased a gumball machine and brought it into work. Filled it with 700 Nerds Gumballs and adjusted the machine to make them free. It has made everyone smile and become the watercooler of the office. Everyone who walks by gets a gumball, which means I'll be ordering more soon. The colors are vibrant, the gum is soft, the flavors or sweet and juicy, and the hidden surprise...each gumball center is filled with tiny nerds candy. These shouldn't be called gumballs, they are Amaze-balls!
Pros: Wonderfully colorful, sweet and flavorful, hidden treasure of candy
Cons: Having to buy more so quickly because everyone eats them

by Erik Westmoreland 3/31/2011
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Nerds Gumballs - 21lb

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