Pop Rocks Sour Xtreme Packs - 48ct

Pop Rocks Sour Xtreme Packs - 48ct

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The invention of Pop Rocks changed the candy world as we know it back in 1956. In 2002, Pop Rocks Sour Xtreme Packs came along and had people in tears. Literally! If you are a bit of a wimp, when it comes to sour candy these Pop Rocks Sour Xtreme Packs are not for you.

The sour level borders between crazy and completely insane, and is only for the brave who believe candy just is not worth eating unless it's causing you to pucker!

Puckering won't be a problem. Getting your face back to its pre-puckered state after eating the contents of one of these Pop Rocks Sour Xtreme Packs will be your biggest challenge. This bulk supply includes in 2 flavors: Sour Berry Blast and Savage Sour Apple.

Kids having a slumber party? Give them these, and they'll be too busy puckering to talk through the movie! This makes them perfect for long car rides, too.

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Amazing Service and Candy was delicious! Low Price

Delicious :) Soo good, quickest delivery and already ate candy (: friends love it too! Good prices!!
Pros: It was cheap, delicious and brings back memories when I was young. I can't find this product anywhere
Cons: nothing

by Jared Moyer 3/25/2013
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Pop Rocks Sour Xtreme Packs - 48ct

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