Petite Red Striped Balls - 5lb

Petite Red Striped Balls - 5lb

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About 150 pieces per pound

Diameter: 1/2 Inch
Net Weight: 3 grams

Price per pound $5.20

So you love the look of bright, crisp, twirling red and white stripes, but you are feeding someone who does not care for peppermint (some people do not). What to do? Our Petite Red Striped Balls, brilliantly colored and patterned just like a peppermint twist, are the answer!

These bulk red confections suffused with an intense cherry flavor that practically everyone will love. Little half-inch spheres of solid candy are visually perfect for Christmas, but also serve as cute little candy beach balls in the summer!

Anyone who throws a lot of themed parties during the year, or plans on a truly epic gingerbread village when the holidays come around, will enjoy the versatility and tastiness of these long-lasting wholesale candy balls. Petite Red Striped Balls are bright as can be and their strong contrast supplies an inviting, eye-catching element in a candy buffet. Refreshing, flavorful balls of candy make the most of their small size.

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Petite Red Striped Balls - 5lb

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