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Planning a big event but not sure how much candy you need? Need a creative boost for that perfect candy buffet? No problem, we're constantly compiling helpful candy resources to make your life easier. It's hard enough out there. You deserve to have your candy productions look amazing. Check out these great articles and videos our team put together.

Whether you're looking for supplies like labels and jars or recipes for insanely good Reese's Cup Cupcakes (OMG!) we've got the info you need. Even though we're candy experts ourselves, we ask experts in wedding planning and other related fields in the trenches for the best tips on how to do candy the right way. Good Luck!

Secrets of Building a Wedding Candy Buffet From A Wedding Planner

Candy Buffet Secrets

Straight from the wedding trenches, this wedding planner dishes all the juicy secrets of building an awesome candy buffet.

How Much Candy Do I Need for a Candy Buffet? (Videos)

How much candy do I need

Watch videos of popular candy poured out into containers. Tips on guesing volume correctly and making sure you have the right table size for your buffet.

12 Awesome Free Customizable Candy Buffet Labels

Free Customizable Labels for Candy

Free label templates allow you to print out customized labels for your buffet. Write your names on them or label the candy for your guests.

7 Inspiring & Lovely Pink Candy Buffet Ideas

Pink Candy Buffet Ideas

Pink is a popular color for candy buffets, so there's a lot of great ideas to draw from. Here are some of the best we found.

7 Tips for Finding Awesomely Cheap Candy Buffet Jars

Cheap Jars for Candy BUffets

Don't break the budget on glassware. Get gorgeous candy display containers like jars and vases for cheap-iddy cheap.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes Recipe

Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

You. Will. Die! That's how good they are. So easy to make, and so mind-numbingly delicious. Read this article while we go make some more right now!