Riesen Dark Chocolate Caramel Candy - 24ct

Riesen Dark Chocolate Caramel Candy - 24ct

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You would have to eat an entire cake pan full of brownies to make your taste buds as happy as they will be with just one Riesen Dark Chocolate Caramel Candy.

The second your teeth break through the decadent dark chocolate and are greeted by gooey, sweet caramel, you will understand why this German classic has been a favorite of many around the world for many years.

Riesen Candy was first introduced in the 1930s, only back then it was a wrapped and branded as caramel. By the 1940s, a chocolate-caramel blend was created, but it was not until the late 1908s that the caramel was covered in rich dark chocolate. Stock up on Riesen Dark Chocolate Caramel Candy, and you can satisfy your sweet tooth with one small piece, rather than a plate full of cake!

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5 stars for this wonderful candy supplier, with lightning fast service thanks!!!

5 stars for this wonderful candy supplier, and Riesen is the best but too addicting. I like the new packaging so I don't get into too much trouble eating to many. Super fast service which I haven't seen from very many candy suppliers before. Just continue to keep your name in front of me Monthly, and I will continue to purchase your goodies.

Kind Regards


by RC 3/11/2013
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Riesen Dark Chocolate Caramel Candy - 24ct

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