Rock Candy Crystals - 5lb

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Rock Candy Crystals - 5lb

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Rock Candy Crystals - 5lb

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Good sugar but not German rock sugar
by Steve

This is a good sweeter for tea, however it is not German rock sugar and is not made in the same way nor from the same product, but I still use this rock sugar from time to time. It is still a good product but don't buy it thinking it is the same as the German sugar.

Perfect for sweetening hot tea!
by April Palmer

I bought this specifically to sweeten my hot tea. Like another reviewer stated, it is SO much more affordable than the German Rock sugar a certain tea company tries to sell you. It really enhances the flavor of all my teas without changing the flavor, like normal refined sugar tends to do.
Pros: Everything!
Cons: Packaging could be a little better, as it shifts a lot during shipping.

Our customers absolutely love the Rock Candy Crystals!
by Richard Sheffield

Our tea customers buy them as a fun way to sweeten their tea. They serve them to their guests who like a different way to take their sugar in their tea.
Pros: Looks great in the sugar bowl when you serve your guests.
Cons: Nothing.

Love this Stuff
by Brenda Crawford

I've ordered this cafe zucker from for many years. It's a consistently excellent product & gets here quickly. Best resource I've found for this product.
Pros: It adds a delicious complementary flavor to teas without overpowering the natural tea flavor.

Use for to sweeten coffee and tea
by Matt

Love this product, decent price

Great rock candy at and amazing price'
by Meg

This is a cheap alternative to a name brand German Rock sugar that is sold to sweeten teas. I love the name brand but it is extremely expensive and this candy is a great alternative! Will

Do finitely buy again!!! Shipped and revived the same week my order was placed!
Pros: Cheap!

Melts quickly in hot tea

Great taste!
Cons: Wished there was a mixed color option (amber, brown/black, white/clear)

Good price 1 of the cheapest online.
by Adam Cervantes-Moen

Great product and a great price other places charge almost $10 a pound so I saved a little.
Pros: Quality product.
Cons: Could if been in a bag or had a plastic liner 5 pounds is just dumped into a candy box.

Very Happy
by Richard Toribio

I received my product super quick and it was exactly as described. I use the German Rock sugar for my tea and absolutely love it! Thank you so much!
Pros: Read above
Cons: Nothing negative to say

Great for tea!
by Nick Johnson

Awesome rock sugar for tea, cheaper than teavana and can not tell the difference at all!

Great for my teas!
by Juliio Morello Jr

Much better deal than Teavana. Delivery came fast and delicious.
Pros: Fast delivery, great taste.
Cons: packaging.

Perfect tea sweetener!
by Laurie G.

This is the same sugar sold at Teavana (for a LOT more $). It's better than honey because it doesn't alter the flavor of the tea, and I prefer it to regular granular sugar.

Best Value
by Steve Stewart

This rock candy is great. I use it for my tea and I find this product to actually be better than the German rock sugar. I have to use less with this rock sugar to get the same sweetness as the other name brand and it melts in hot water 50% faster than the other brand. This company has me for life.
Pros: Pros: Better product

Cons: There is nothing to dislike

Great for our gifts!
by Allison

Great packaging, easy to scoop out, and delicious to taste!
Pros: Multi-color

Easy to scoop box
Cons: It smelled a bit like plastic

A Sweet Deal
by Yolanda Permenter

This purchase was the first of a new tradition in buying a quality sweetener for my tea. Thank you for bringing the joy of my tea drinking experience to new heights.
Pros: Quality sweetener, good price, kosher, and made in America.
Cons: Packaging could be a little sturdier to minimize loss from handling.

Makes the Perfect Cup of Tea
by Ariel Margolis

The Rock Candy Crystals are used by a tea company found in malls to make the perfect cup. Buying it bulk from ACandyStore was not only cheaper, but the quality was even better than that sold by the tea company. I would definitely by from ACandyStore again. Shipping was fast and the description of the item was 100% accurate.

by Terry Shara

The rock candy crystals are just what was needed for making my German Raspberry Liqueur. I was pleased to find the 5 # bag.

Rock Candy Crystals
by Terry & Ron

As in the past, this product really rocks! My wife especially likes the snackability of the crystals. She is diabetic and finds this candy to be consumption friendly. Keep making these crystals available at your rock-bottom price and fast delivery and we'll keep you busy with more orders!
Pros: taste, cost, delivery time
Cons: disappears too fast!

This Candy Rocks
by Terry Riehs

Best candy ever, very easy to eat; easier than chips. Realizing that this is a snack type item it is a better choice than other sweet or munchy treats. It satisfies without all the guilt of more decadent treats.
Pros: Excellent in tea, coffee, or stand alone crunching.
Cons: None, but why is it disappearing so fast? Too much competition........spouse and even visiting children. Will have to hide it better!


Product Details

Price per pound $5.80

Made by: Richardsons Brands

SKU: O343529

This product is not made from beet sugar.

Certified Kosher Candy

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Rock Candy Crystals - 5lb

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