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Skittles 41oz Re-Sealable Bag

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We get it. You like to ''Taste the Rainbow'' A LOT. Never fear, this jumbo bag of Skittles is here to provide you with countless hours and mouthfuls of fruity escape. With a colorful selection of juicy flavors, you can pack these fruity morsels into a pinata, add them to a stocking, or slip one into your kid's lunchbox for a delicious afternoon surprise.

Skittles have been in the US since 1979 and have evolved into a quirky brand and a household name. Their original flavors of orange, lemon, lime, grape and strawberry got a revamp in 1989 with the introduction of tropical fruit flavors. Since then, 1 new Skittles lines have been created and amazed the mouths of people all over the world.

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Customer Reviews

Plenty of skittles

I got these for our 4th of July gathering, plenty for everyone with some leftover. I put them in my M&M dispenser - worked perfectly. very fresh!

by Lauri 7/5/2015

I like Skittles, because they are similar to M&M's, but fruitier tasting.

by Dorene Diamond 6/10/2013
Thumbs up

I really enjoyed this candy
Pros: It was exactly what I thought it would be
Cons: Some if the candy was kind of not fresh

by Ayana 4/12/2013
Skittles are great!

Love the large bag, saving money matters to me.

by David Arnold 3/25/2013

Candy arrived very quickly. I needed more bags so I ordered again and they arrived just as fast.

by Sue Allen 1/24/2012
I love A Candy Store

Kids just love bulk skittles so I had to purchase them for our gingerbread house day. The kids come and build there own gingerbread house and take it home for the holidays. For some this is the only christmas present they will get. And to see the faces of these kids as there building there house is just precious. Thank you. This is a great company to work with and quick delivery. Thank you.

by Sherri Apicella 5/9/2011
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Skittles 41oz Re-Sealable Bag

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Skittles 41oz Re-Sealable Bag

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