Skittles Tropical - 36ct

Skittles Tropical - 36ct


About 2.17 ounces per pack

Price per unit $1.00

Skittles are a long time staple of candy stores, goodie bags, and care packages. Generations have grown up enjoying these fruity and tasty treats. Now the goodness can be yours with out 36 count bulk orders. Taste the rainbow and enjoy this favorite candy today. Add it to your store inventory, keep some on had for the kids, or set out a big bowlful for your next party.

Tropical flavors are just one of the many fan favorite flavors for Skittles. You can impress everyone by offering this variety of Skittle. Different from the original flavors, the tropical blend offers new and unique flavors that tick the taste buds and bring a smile to the face of anyone who tries them!

SKU: M101012

Customer Reviews

Just the right taste combination

Had never tried this mix before - it's great!

by Jeane Mounce 6/5/2011
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Skittles Tropical - 36ct

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