Spice Drops Candy - 5lb

Spice Drops Candy - 5lb

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If all the rain drops were lemon drop and gum drops, then we wouldn't have room to try these amazing Spice Drops Candies! Coated in sweet, crystalized sugar with a spicy, gummy center, these candies will make your ''jaw drop!'' In a variety of colors and flavors, these gummies can be used for virtually any occasion.

Use some to decorate a gingerbread house in a delicious, traditional way, bring some to a party for kids to munch on while they play, or even add them to a make your own ice cream sundae bar for a surprising topping. You'll love chewing on these gum drops as much as watching their sugar sparkle.

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been one of my favorites since childhood and that was a long time ago...

by charles mccarthy 1/4/2015
Delicious, pretty and great for our project!

We used these to make gingerbread houses for a large family party. They were perfect and the tasted delicious too.
Pros: colors, taste

by Karen Wagner 11/5/2013
I love A Candy Store

Whats a gingerbread house with out spice drops. Spice drops were just one of the candies I purchased in bulk from this company for gingerbread house day in our community. Quick delivery. Highly recommend this company

by Sherri Apicella 7/2/2013
So good...small but tasty

I love the size of these..grab a few and they take away your sweet tooth

by Linda Hoffecker 5/25/2013
They are great!!!!!

The gum drops have great tastes and they are enjoyable to eat while watching TV or reading a book. I eat more of the the gum drops while reading than any other they add a whole dimension to bit size eats. While holding the book open and grabbing a gum drop to pop in my mouth. Without losing my place in the book or dropping the book while trying to get a treat to eat.
Pros: The taste while they could be a touch more spicier

by David Sandahl 3/13/2013
I love this bulk candy

It arrived in a timely manner, intact, no issues. This is my favorite spice drop, very flavorful. You get the same sensation as you do when you eat potato chips, one is never enough.
Pros: Flavor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Sue Colford 6/23/2012
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Spice Drops Candy - 5lb

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