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Sunkist Fruit Gems - 10lb

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About 42 gummies per pound

Price per pound $6.60

SKU: K333016

Sunkist Fruit Gems - 10lb

Certified Kosher Candy



Sugar, Corn Syrup, Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Raspberry, Lime Flavors and Artifical Colors, FD&C Yellow #5 and #6, Red #3 and #4, Blue #1.

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Sunkist Fruit Gems - 10lb

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Customer Reviews

Our patients love this treat!
We are a small medical practice. Our patients really look forward to coming in and having a piece (or two or three) of the beautifully wrapped Sunkist fruit gems. They look very pretty in the candy dish, are sterile due to the wrapping, and all in all very popular here in the office. Thank you.
Helena Wilson
Perfect candy for us
For Bar and Bat-Mitzvah celebrations. Candy is traditionally thrown on the youth in synagogue after they recite their Torah portion. The Fruit Gems are perfect for our congregation as they are firstly and most importantly for us, Kosher. Secondly, they are soft so as to not cause any harm by overly enthusiastic congregants, and finally, they are individually wrapped so that when they are later picked up off the floor, everyone can happily enjoy their hermetically clean candy.
Andrea K
I love bulk candy
i was very pleased with the candy and the quickness with which the shipment arrived.
I love this bulk candy!
the candy arrived packaged beautifully, every piece was fresh, wrapped individually and made a great presentation. We are using the fruit gems as a give away for our holiday season. We packaged 2 fruit gems into a mesh, colored tie bag. Each student will get on at the end of our holiday activities to take home. In addition, because we have many peanut allergies and are a kosher facility, your product is a wonderful avenue for us to be able to give the kids a real treat. Janice Jumbo
Janice Jumbo
excellent on all fronts
great price, great product, fast service!
Jill Kirsch
Great candy!! Love it!!
This is my second order, we love it, it's soft and personal.. I used it for my son bar mitzvah and for my son wedding, it arrived quick, it was easy to order, and the price is great.
Etty Krengel
Fast delivery, delicious product
We bought this candy to toss at my son the day before his wedding, as many people do in this old Eastern European custom. Not only was the candy delicious -- it was soft enough that everyone had a good time!
The Samsons
All my co-workers love this candy.
Probably going through it too fast it is

that good.

Pros: individually wrapped,small, fruit

taste authentic
M Hahn
Great for \throwing\" candy at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs! """
yummy and useful.
phyllis Epstein
Everyone in the office loves Fruit Gems.
Nice candy for a candy dish in an office as they are all individually wrapped. Puts a smile on everyone's face.
Pros: Sterile, pretty, tasty.
Cons: Why did they stop making green?
Helena WIlson
love this candy stays fresh for a long time
this is a great snack for me, individualy wrapped so i eat what i want and save others for later. the flavors are just strong enough but not to sweet.
Pros: stays fresh for months and great flavors
Cons: only complaint was i didnt get any lime (green ones) but got grape, never had it before but loved it
robert delong
Everyone's favorite
We keep this in our candy bowl in the administration office. All of our customers, residents and employees are thrilled when they score one of the Sunkist Fruit Gems. These truly are everyone's favorite. It's wonderful to see that such a small treat can make a difference in someone's day!
Pros: Always fresh, tastes great and gives people a little taste of the past.
Mary McCormick
Yummy in the Tummy!
We purchased these individually wrapped sunkist gems to be used at our daughter's Bat Mitzvah. After her Haf Torah portion, the entire congregation threw them at her in celebration. It was truly a blast and something she will never forget! The only problem was trying to refrain from eating them before the celebration!
Pros: they are individually wrapped, bright and colorful and they are soft!
Lisa Grant
This is the best
My wife bought these for some unknown reason and since then I cannot get enough of them.

Pros: I love the sweetness.
Cons: The price here on this website. I can buy a 2 pound bag for under ten dollars.
Franklin Troiso
So Good!
This candy is simply...the best! It was so fresh and so'd think 10 lbs would last longer!! Well, not to worry with your quick service a replacement can be here in no time!
Pros: Real fruit taste.
Cons: I'd like it to come without the wrappers, they are hard to open.
Dee Cook
Office candy bowl favorite
I order candy for the office candy bowl. With 165+ employees you can imagine how hard it must be to please everyone. I think I've found my solution... ACandyStore has the best variety ever. They can't wait for the next order to come in.
Seleste S.
love it
Best candy on the planet; not gummy, just soft and flavorful
Pros: that it's non-chocolate
isabelle klar
a client favorite!
we keep these Sunkist fruit gems in our office for clients, and they just love them! They are soft, and fruity, and since they are individually wrapped, they stay fresh longer. Our UPS delivery guy and our office building maintenance guy also take extra special care of us with a smile after they hit the candy bowl filled with Fruit Gems! These are great to have on hand!
Candy that's as good for adults as it is for kids!
This is the most delicious candy! Individually wrapped so it's always fresh with a fantastic fruity flavor. Makes adults feel like kids again!
Pros: always fresh and love the flavor!
Cons: price
Mary West
individually wrapped/ freshness
Wife & I recently enetred a Christmas craft show that was open to the public. Bulk candy was in a basket on one of our display tables. Sunkist fruit Gems turned out to be a hit with both young and old alike. Many comments on how fresh this product was...
Dan Marcotte
Sugar Dusted
Very fruity, I wish they were available without all that sugar
Dee Clark
I am a first time bulk candy buyer. Candy is well packaged ,there were none half wrapped or open ended and the company made the process easy. Candy FRESH and delicious. Love the many flavors.
Fresh and individually wrapped.
This is great for throwing at Bar or Bat Mitzvahs.
Ellen Finke-McCarthy
I love this Bulk Candy
I have been buying fruit gems in bulk for years from this company, the are efficient, the order is always here quickly and it is never wrong. The candy is fresh and deliclious.
Pros: Fresh, wrapped individually
Carol Jeffries
Great candy
We love the quality and the flavors of these Sunkist Fruit Gems candies.
Pros: Good quality
Albert Askenazi
I love this bulk candy!
Easy to order, liked being able to order in bulk, price seemed right, on time delivery.
Pros: You advertise the candies as having 5 different colors/flavors; however, we received only 4 yellow equal amounts of 3 of the colors/flavors, and an abundance of orange. I would have much preferred if we received equal amounts of all 5 colors/flavors.
Estee Shor
Great Flavors!
This candy is always a winner with the faculty and staff at our school. We can never keep enough around.
Pros: The candy is always so fresh and the flavors are exceptional.
Michael Yadron
My favorite fruit candy
Soft, fresh and burst with real fruit flavors. Individually wrapped, those Sunkist Gems arrived promptly and are being consumed/enjoyed at an alarming speed!
Sunkist Lover
love this candy
These remind me of my childhood. I used to get these when I was a kid. These are so yummy, and individually wrapped, so they stay soft and fresh longer.
Schiree Ybarra
Hard to find
Tases great
Pros: Tastes very good
Cons: gets pricier every year (Sunkist problem)
e lavelle
Quick snack pick-me-up for your purse or pocket
With their easy tear wrapping fruit gems make a great treat to pack in a school bag, purse or pocket. The gummy portion doesn't stick to your teeth. With their fruit flavorings and vitamins you can almost convince yourself that you're eating something from the fruit group portion of the nutrition pyramid.
Pros: Tasty

Great for packing and sharing with their wrappings

Colorful for decorating wreaths or food baskets
Cons: Addictive

judy parente

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Sunkist Fruit Gems - 10lb

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