Tart-n-Tinys Candy - 30lb

Tart-n-Tinys Candy - 30lb


3/8-inch diameter.

Price per pound $2.83

OUT OF STOCK!!! Straight off the line from Willy Wonka's factory! These itsy-bitsy colorful candies are sweet and tangy and perfect for any party.

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Customer Reviews

I wish you would bring back the non candy coated tart n tinys too!!!

These are good but the old ones were better!

by Mindy Abbey 6/10/2013
I love Tart-n-Tinys

I would love to see them brought back with no candy coating. I ate them all the time back in the 1980s. Please consider making again this way!


by Carol 5/12/2013
Tart n Tiny candies should be sold Everywhere!!!

I grew up in the 80's with this candy, They are small.. so we could hide them in school, they are tasty due to all the flavors... They are great for the craving of Pregnant women such as myself. You can mix the flavors. I have found them about 5 years ago at Toronto hospital and I bought 10 boxes.. I did not share with my three children as they were mine all mine : ) Please bring back the original ones with no candy coating..
Pros: They are tasty bulk candy

They have a tart flavor and they curve your sweet tooth.

you can hide them at school (classroom)

Multi colour's

perfect size

You can use them to teach your children patterns with a tasty reward in the end.

Cons: That they are no longer available everywhere, i can not find them.

by Crystal Clark 12/12/2012
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Tart-n-Tinys Candy - 30lb

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