Petite Yellow Striped Balls - 5lb

Petite Yellow Striped Balls - 5lb

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About 150 pieces per pound

Diameter: 1/2 Inch
Net Weight: 3 grams

Price per pound $5.20

According to legend, the bright yellow dandelion flowers, once they turn into fluffy weeds, can make your dreams come true. Blow hard and watch your wish float, with the fluffy pollen, on the wind. While these Petite Yellow Striped Candy Balls may not make all of your dreams come true, they surely will fulfill your desire for a satisfying candy experience. Small but full of mighty banana flavor, this 5-pound bag of individually wrapped yellow and white striped hard candies make a perfect addition to any event or candy aisle.

SKU: C112440

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Petite Yellow Striped Balls - 5lb

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