Altoids Mints - 12ct

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75 tin per mints

Price per unit $2.67

Altoids Mints - 12ct

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Altoids mints are one of the most popular brands available today. If you want a mint with some kick to it, then Altoids is a great choice. They are called the "curiously strong" mint for a good reason!

Each piece is round and features a simple white color that is rather unassuming, until you actually taste the intense peppermint flavor. Each mint is made using a high concentration of invigorating peppermint oil to produce the trademark flavor that made Altoids famous.

Along with a distinctively minty flavor, Altoids mints also feature nostalgic packaging. Each box contains many tins with a red border and classic fonts and imagery. Your mints stay fresh and ready to eat and they are easy to carry with you!

Keep a tin in your desk drawer, pocket, purse or car. Our bulk Altoids mints box gives you many tins so you can use them for special events, party favors and stocking stuffers!

About 75 tin per mints

Price per unit $2.67

Made by Wrigley

SKU: F314927R

Flavors List

Cinnamon, Licorice, Peppermint, Spearmint or Wintergreen

Customer Reviews

strawberry altoids awesome

just cuz I like strawberry for fresh breath!!!!!!!

by gina unger 2/25/2017
Excellent Product and Service

The Altoids Mints product certainly speaks for itself in its quality and uniqueness. There is no other equivalent product and you certainly know what you are getting every time.

The most important point here is CANDYSTORE'S quality of service. Their communication was excellent; reliable, personable, honest, timely. In this world of the online marketplace I trust CANDYSTORE to do business with--I can count upon their integrity.

by Paul Thomson 2/6/2017
I am a real sucker for Mint.

I use to grow tobacco on my farm in central Africa. You can see why i smoked 90 a day we called them butts. I noticed these unusual tins on counters in many shops, the word mint caught my attention i had a very strong smell to my breath , i also noticed pipe smokers seem to be caught so i purchased one of the tins and now i find i always have a tin sitting on part of my desk or table. They last for ever.

by Brian Hayon Sivers. The BRIT. 10/4/2016
liquorice lover

Could find liquorice altoid candy anywhere It is the best!!!!!

by Pat Marcusen 11/11/2014
love your cream de mint

but can't seem to find them any more can you help me? kathleen
Pros: there refreshing and has a calming effect .
Cons: can't find them i'm sad

by Kathleen Maupin 2/18/2013
I Love Altoids Mints In Peppermint

These mints are surprisingly strong, yet totally refreshing once you put one in your mouth...and they are the best breath fresheners around!
Pros: Strong minty taste, yet not over-powering and they come in a neat tin.
Cons: Absolutely nothing!

by Arlene M. 5/10/2011
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Altoids Mints - 12ct

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