A Pot of Candy at the End of the Rainbow: Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Buffets

You know what our favorite part of St. Patrick’s Day is? It’s not a traditional candy holiday. What’s good about that? you might ask. It allows people to be more creative when they’re creating candy buffets and dessert tables.

While looking around we were stunned at the creativity that party planners have shown in creating these dessert tables. Each one is a unique experience, whether it’s 50 shades of green, or a follow the rainbow theme.

Check them out and find some inspiration for your St. Patrick’s Day dessert buffet.

Emerald Green St. Patrick’s Day Buffet

Talk about making the most of a relatively small space. This buffet is out of this world, and the green bowlers are just the start of it. We love the symmetry, despite the use of many different containers.

Also, big ups for the use of gummy apple rings, a perfect addition to any St. Patrick’s Day dessert buffet. You could learn a lot for your own buffet by studying this one.

Check out the whole buffet construction at Catch My Party.

Green Dessert Candy Buffet

A Pot of Candy at the End of the Rainbow: Our Favorite St. Patrick's Day Dessert Buffets

Source: BabyLifestyles.com

It might get tough to name these, because almost all of them have green or St. Patrick’s Day in the title. But we will forge ahead. This buffet stands out for a number of reasons, not least of which is the huge green lollipop in the center.

While it’s a little disorganized looking, it dose bring together many St. Patrick’s Day elements. The scattered gold coins are a nice touch, as are the green Jones sodas. Yellow and green gummy worms? We only wish there were more of them.

Check out more at BabyLifestyles.com.

St. Patty’s Day Party Buffet

A Pot of Candy at the End of the Rainbow: Our Favorite St. Patrick's Day Dessert Buffets

Source: Make Life Cute

When creating a dessert buffet, you can never go wrong with layers of cupcakes. We were surprised that these didn’t ahve green frosting, but given the way the rest of the buffet is laid out it actually works. Indeed, white dominates this one, while the green accents make it shine.

Also: popcorn in mason jars? Brilliant. We’d maybe have used M&Ms, green and white I guess, but great idea nonetheless. You can also use popcorn and other non-candy confections in plastic candy buffet jars or whatever is most clever for your spread.

Check out more at Make Life Cute.

Pot of Gold Buffet

This one comes to us from Bird’s Party, who you might remember from our interview about Thanksgiving hosting tips. She admits she’s not a fan of green, but rolled with it on this one. Indeed, perhaps that’s why she added the rainbow theme to the buffet, which allows it to stand out from others.

If the green sodas weren’t enough, surely the grape, melon, apple, and kiwi skewers sold you. Still looking for the big idea? Check out the pot of gold. Surely there will be kids picking the chocolate gold coins off the wall.

Check out the whole array of pictures at Bird’s Party.

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Dessert Table

A Pot of Candy at the End of the Rainbow: Our Favorite St. Patrick's Day Dessert Buffets

Source: Double Fun Parties

While the last buffet tried the rainbow theme, this buffet takes the ball and springs with it. Green cupcakes are an age-old St. Patrick’s Day staple, but rainbow-themes cupcakes? That’s taking it to a new levl.

Indeed, you won’t find too many green desserts at all on this table. It’s rainbow lollipops, multi-color gumballs — even Froot Loops! The rainbow crepe paper on the window only makes this buffet more inviting.

Check it out at Double Fun Parties.

Elegant St. Patrick’s Day Buffet

A Pot of Candy at the End of the Rainbow: Our Favorite St. Patrick's Day Dessert Buffets

Credit: Bellenza

It’s amazing how different shades of green send different messages. A lighter green, similar to the color of a shamrock? That seems happy and festive. The forest green in this dessert buffet signals elegance. Which might not always be associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but we love this dessert table in any case.

Instead of going all out, this dessert table is minimalist, featuring cookies, lollipops, cupcakes, and a few cakes. The cakes look stunning on their platforms. Seriously, I’m not sure I’d even want to eat anything on this. It’s too pretty.

Check out more images at Bellenza

St. Patrick’s Day Birthday Party

Sometimes the decor makes the dessert buffet, and this example is no exception. The green polkadot background really brings the whole table together, and the streamers are a nice little touch. Another great element: printable labels. We’ve seen this a few times in previous dessert tables, but makes great use of them not only on the placards, but on the green soda bottles as well.

Also, notice the healthy element in the apples. That’s a nice little addition, especially for a kid’s birthday party.

See the entire picture set at Kara’s Party Ideas.

St. Patrick’s Dessert Table on a Budget

One of our big messages is always: you don’t need to break the bank to create a wonderful candy buffet or dessert table. Lauren from Capes & Crowns is right on our page. She’s created this enormous, full St. Patrick’s dessert table on a shoestring budget. If she can do it for under $20, you can do it on a pretty decent budget.

This table is as green as it gets, with all different shades across the table. This one probably wouldn’t work for ahuge party, but if you have a smaller affair the cake alone will serve people well.

Check out the tons and tons of pictures she’s taken of the buffet elements at Capes & Crowns.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Dessert Table

There’s a lot going on at this St. Patrick’s Day dessert buffet, and we want a little of everything. The use of wrapped candies is a nice touch, especially the Hershey’s nuggets inside little pots of gold. Oh, and while we’ve never had, or even seen, cupcakes topped with Lucky Charms, we have to imagine they’re spectacular.

There are tons of other litle treats on this table, and it’s all assembled pretty perfectly. It’s a great way to round out our St. Patrick’s Day dessert table roundup.

See the whole thing at Blowout Party

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