Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can be tricky things. You don’t want to break the bank for them, but at the same time you want to show your guests that you appreciate them coming on your big day. So how do you find that perfect balance?

We’ve found that DIY favors go over best. You put a little heart and soul into each one, so even if it’s not a bold and elegant favor, it comes with a little piece of the couple. Spring weddings in particular are primed for DIY favors.

Need some ideas for you or a friend? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite spring wedding DIY favors.

Planting Something New

What’s the first thing you associate with spring time? Flowers and rain showers, right? People are busy planting their gardens. So why not give them a head start with your wedding favors? There are plenty of ideas you can put together before the big day.

These DIY herb garden planters are just perfect, especially with the canvas wrap.

Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Credit: DIY Network

If you have a little more time, and a dose of talent, you can try painting those clay pots. That certainly adds a personal touch — though you probably wouldn’t want to do that for a 200-guest wedding. Unless, of course, you have a ton of passion and free time.

Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Credit: Rad Megan

An elegant alternative for succulents if you don’t have the time or talent to paint clay pots: seashells. It’ll take some work to find enough appropriate ones, and yes, you’ll probably have to buy them somewhere. But you’ll still put together everything yourself, keeping this one in the DIY spirit.

Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Credit: Oncewed

One vivid childhood springtime memory is of Mom planting bulbs around the edge of the house. There’s just something about bulbs and the springtime. Send that essence home with your guests by planting some bulbs for them. The containers used in the Oncewed post only add to the creative flair.

Want to really fancy up your potted plant favor? Try planting them in teacups. You’ll have to spend some dough on the cups themselves, but if you can find some in bulk — especially vintage looking ones — you’ll have created a gorgeous take-home favor.

These, I think, best capture the DIY spirit. There’s no store-bought planter. The tulip bulbs go right in a dirt-filled paper bag. This will go over great with guests who have that DIY spirit, too.

Or you could go in the complete opposite direction and go with elaborate, beautiful glass terrariums. These are just beautiful, though given the size (and price) of these glasses chance are you won’t use them for your favors. But you can create something similar in wine glasses.

Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Credit: How We Live

Combining favors and place cards is certainly a trend in weddings. While you could turn many of the above ideas into place cards, we absolutely love these hollowed-out eggs. They just work perfectly as both place cards and favors.

Food Favors

Chances are you’re going to feed your guests well at your wedding, but you can never really overdo the food. These won’t last as long as a potted plant favor, but your guests will derive more immediate enjoyment of them.

Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Credit: Wedding Loveable

Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Credit: We Tie the Knots

Spring is the start of the honey producing season, so why not send your guests home with a jar of the good stuff? Don’t make it just any honey, though. Seek out a local company that makes honey and put in a bulk order. But don’t let them label it or anything. After all, there has to be some DIY element in there.

Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Credit: Wedding Clan

Want to get really DIY? It’s not as though you’re going to make the honey. But you can make limoncello and send it home with your guests. Pretty it up with some fancy labels and you’ll have a hit.

We’d love to suggest that you make your own jam for your guests. But we’re realists. Jam is a pain. Making jam for many guests is probably unrealistic. But you can jar and label some locally sourced jam for a tasty DIY favor treat.

Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Credit: Intimate Weddings

Now granola, that you can make yourself. Get some fine ingredients, mix them up, and box it all up for your guests. Honestly, this is the perfect backup, in case your original wedding favor plan goes awry.


Food and plants aren’t your only DIY spring wedding favors, although they’re the most common. There are some other ideas that can work perfectly as well.

Think Polaroid is dead? Sure, probably. But you can take some Polaroids and create coasters for your guest. True, if you’re big into digital photography, you can use a digital printing service to make these. But the Polaroids just have that extra DIY feel to them.

If you want a real project for your favors, check out these glass fabric magnets from Mr. and Mrs. Phillips. You can get real creative with what fabric you use, making this one of the most personalized spring DIY wedding favors.

Fantastic Ideas for Adorable Spring DIY Wedding Favors

Credit: Tip Junkie

This is the ultimate in printable DIY favors. It’s DIY in a few ways. First, you’ll have to empty and dry the water bottles. That’s no small task. Then you’ll have to create, print, and apply the labels. Finally, you have to sharpen the pencils. Because why would you give your guests unsharpened pencils?

If you’ve never made soap, perhaps now is the time to start. This DIY dream involves pouring and dying soap to create a vibrant product for your guests. Add in the DIY boxes and you’ll leave your fingerprints — figuratively, of course — all over these.


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