Atlantic City Candy Buffet Candyland Makes New Jersey Proud

Citizens of New Jersey can be proud to say they have seen one of the most elaborate candy buffets of the year in the latest Bat Mitzvah celebration held in Atlantic City recently.

An all-out affair with a red carpet entrance, paparazzi and even professional impersonators of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (!) was held in the honor of a very lucky young lady named Kyra. But the star of the show, besides Kyra of course, was the elaborate candy buffet table.

candy buffet new jersey candyland

Candy buffets are getting big, folks. And not just hugely, popular I-absolute-HAVE-to-have-one-for-my-wedding/party/every-day big, I mean 20-foot long tables packed tight and stacked high with discount bulk candy of all colors shapes and designs that puts the Candyland fantasy to shame.

Put together by the regional candy buffet experts at CW distinctive Designs, this sucker had it all! Using the Katy Perry music video "California Gurls"_x009d_ as inspiration, they put together all the best themes of the Candyland concept and brought them together brilliantly in this incredible candy display.

Here are some of the candies used.

Red Hots
Pink M&Ms
Whirly Pop & Unicorn Pop panorama
Candy Necklaces
Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks
Jelly Beans
Twizzlers of every color
Candy Buttons
Giant Gummy Bears on Sticks!
…they also incorporated other desserts and pastries.

If it sounds excessive, that's because it's awesome. One of the things that makes candy buffets so popular is the great range they have to create amazing displays of all different styles. This one is fantastical and multi-colorful, while others are more elegant and reserved. You can go big, and it works. You can go small, and it works. No matter what you're looking for, a cheap candy buffet can be built to suit your preferences and blend in to your event or be its epic centerpiece. You decide.

In this case, the people of New Jersey can hold their heads high that one of their own young women as well as their candy buffet designers have shown excellent taste.

Candy buffet design by CW distinctive Designs:

Photos by Danny Weiss Photo:

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