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5 Classic Beach Themed Candy Essentials You’ve Got to Feature at Your Dessert Buffet

Nobody loves the beach like you love the beach. You have legitimately sold seashells by the seashore. You have seen The Little Mermaid no less than 25 times. You are Reggie Rocket in a world full of shoebies. And now that you’re getting married, you are determined to plan the sunniest, sandiest and most seashell-decorated.

How Much Candy Do I Need for a Candy Buffet? (Videos)

Are you stumped about how much candy will fill up your jars? Most people have no clue how much it would take, and when time is of the essence, you gotta get it right the first time. Here are some helpful tips (and videos below!) to buying the right amount of candy for your candy.

7 Tips for Finding Awesomely Cheap Candy Buffet Jars

Okay, so you’re just weeks away from hosting the candy buffet of your dreams. You’ve got eight pounds of M&Ms, an ocean’s worth of Swedish fish and a custom-made cake with your cat’s face on it. The only problem is you don’t have anything to put it in. Unless you want your guests lapping chocolate.

Pastel Paradise Easter Dessert Buffet

It all started so innocently. "Let’s build a dessert buffet for our office Easter Party," we said. "We’ve never done one before and it will be a great way to inspire the fans of our blog this holiday," we said. We’ve covered so many candy buffets and dessert tables since this blog began that we.

The Secrets of Building a Wedding Candy Buffet – A Wedding Planner Tells All

Candy buffets have become a "must-have" at wedding receptions this season – and for good reason. They’re sweet, they’re colorful and they give everyone an excuse to cheat on their diet now that the ceremony’s finally over. However, these buffets can also get expensive when you enlist a professional to handle them for you.

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