3 Year Old Boy Wonder Climbs into Vending Machine to Get Candy, Toys

You know those vending machine games where you try to direct the claw to the right spot so when it drops it will grab a toy and bring it back to you? Yeah, I was never any good at those either. They are designed to make it seemed very difficult for you to win the candy and toys inside. But the designers didn't account for this brilliant 3 year old boy.

vending machine candy boy

Who knows what drove your Mr. Noah Jeffrey to climb up through the chute and into the belly of the claw machine. Maybe he was out of quarters and frustrated that he hadn't been able to retrieve his prize the conventional way. Maybe he wanted to show the engineers their design flaw. Or maybe he saw something he wanted and applied a fundamental law of geometry. The shortest distance between a boy and his candy is a straight line. He obviously is not yet capable of purchasing bulk candy wholesale.

It didn't take long for Noah to reach the pinnacle of his mountain and assume his role as king of the day. He must have felt like Scrooge McDuck swimming around his money bin as he waded through the pool of goodies. But he didn't waste much time frolicking around. No sooner than when he reached the inner reservoir did he begin to distribute his riches to the other kids in the area. This boy is no king, he is the next Robin Hood!

As the growing crowd of children laughed and sang his praise, the boy ate his favorite candies and played with his toys triumphantly. But this story is not without a fair amount of drama. Not long after a crowd started to form, his parents came over to see what was happening. They noticed that Noah was sweating badly. These vending machines are not made for people to inhabit. There is little oxygen in there and the lights make it very hot, actually. Someone needed to help him get out fast.

With the fire department on their way and a crowd of people watching his every move, the young man, prompted enthusiastically (and bribed with more candy), climbed back down the chute. But the mechanism makes it more difficult to exit the system than to enter, so he got stuck. It proved only a brief hiccup, however, as his was far enough down by that point that his mother could pull him out the rest of the way.

So the funny story ended happily, with Noah wanting to go back in as soon as he came out. In the drama of the moment, he'd forgotten to fill his pockets to the brim with assorted bulk candy and toys.

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