Camel Milk Chocolate Bars Not Just a Clever Name, They’re Made with Real Camel’s Milk

We recently got word that there is a new type of milk chocolate bar out there that is all the rage. It's called Camels Milk Chocolate. No, that's no the brand name, it's the actual type of chocolate it's made from. Camel's. Like a regular milk chocolate bar but instead of cows milk it is made with milk from a camel, probably many camels. Is camel milk really fit to be used in wholesale bulk candy like this?

camel's milk chocolate

I was pretty skeptical, for a lot of reasons, when I heard that camel's milk chocolate bars were becoming available. Maybe I need to get out more, but I'd never heard of people drinking camel's milk, much less making confectionary delights. So I did some digging around to see if anyone else had heard of this crazy phenomenon and I realized why I hadn't heard of it. Camel's milk is widely used in the Middle East, a place I rarely visit (aka, have never been to), but not in many other places. That makes sense, I guess. That's where the camels are.

When you need milk, and don't have any cows around, you gotta get it form somewhere, right? So, I figured it was a lesser product but that the people were just getting by with what they have. I was wrong. Camel's milk is actually better than cow's milk! Here are the top reasons I found for why camel's milk beats cow's milk.

First of all, let's get the most important question out of the way. Does it taste good? You can throw away all the other questions if no one can stomach the stuff. But all reports seem to be very positive! It's milder than goat's milk and free of the allergens that cow's milk can have. Disclaimer: I haven't tasted it for myself (yet), but am on the lookout for it locally.

Now that that's out of the way, here are other great reasons to consider camel's milk a viable product for chocolate or any other food or beverage concoction. It's healthier than cow's milk. It's high in vitamin C, low in fat and won't curdle in your stomach like some other milks. It's considered to be the closest thing to mother's milk!

No chemicals are added either, which is especially appealing in the days of cow hormones. I found out that since camel's milk is already so rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C, it doesn't need any nutritional assistance to be super healthy. It's considered to be a more humane process than cow's milk too.

So now that you're all read up on camel's milk, you should be more than ready to try the camel milk chocolate bar. It looks like they are readily available in the UAE. We are currently looking into US distributors so that we can get some free ones for our staff add them to our bulk candy inventory asap.

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