Candy Aphrodisiacs

We all know there are certain foods (candy aphrodisiacs) for special moods and that includes romance. Some herbs, spices, sweets and other foods have been used for centuries, others not quite as long, but they share the distinction of creating feelings of well being, mild euphoria, affection, tenderness and dare I say, arousal. Some can be eaten straight up; others have been mixed in love potions. Others still are found as ingredients in some of our favorite foods and candy.

Since the time of the ancient Aztec Indians chocolate candy has been heralded as one of the most potent aphrodisiacs. This text won't bother with the claimed or technical details of why because, well lots of other articles have and at the end of the day, if it's been working for a few thousand years the proof is in the chocolate pudding really.

Another tried and true candy aphrodisiac is mint. The ancient Greeks, specifically Aristotle that lover of moderation above all, advised Alexander the Great not to let his soldiers drink mint tea while at war. He claimed that the aphrodisiac was too powerful and well, thousands of horny men on the battlefield… you get the drift. Does that mean chocolate starlight mints will give you more bang for your buck? Maybe!

Other edible aphrodisiacs which aren't as much fun because they are not candy related are of course oysters, saffron and ginseng. Great non edible aphrodisiacs are exercise and testosterone. From a purely female perspective definite aphrodisiacs would have to include low lighting, cleanliness and adoration. These are all foods, virtues and candy aphrodisiacs that the mother of sensuality herself, Aphrodite, would surely approve of.

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