Candy Bling by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is surely the queen of candy. Not only has she created her lollipop bling perfume line with a definite candy theme, check out her song lyrics for her song called, Candy Bling:

"And way back then it was the simple things
Anklets, nameplates that you gave to me
Sweet Tarts, Ring Pops, got that candy bling
And you were my world

My sweet baby, my sweet thing
Like candy
Felt like real love not just play play
Missing you my sweet baby"_x009d_

She sure does love candy and all that lovin seems to have set off a chain reaction; the song prompted a wedding proposal from her boyfriend using a Ring Pop candy wrapped diamond for the engagement ring which then gave Mariah the idea for the candy bling perfume line. Talk about one good thing begetting another good thing. That candy ring wrapper proposal was two years ago and to celebrate the anniversary Nick stuck to theme with a Ring Pop ring anniversary gift. This time it was a custom made treat hand crafted at Jason of Beverly Hills. This Ring Pop was made of white gold encrusted with diamonds and pink sapphires. The latest rumors are that the couple may be expecting a child which will of course sweeten things even more, and give the couple an ongoing excuse to keep the candy themed cute ideas coming.

Candy Bling is not to be confused with Hard Candy Bling Bling: Shimmer/Glitter which is make-up, or with Bling Candy (as opposed to candy bling) which is an online fashion experience that has nothing to do with Mariah Carey, but is also very cool and hip.

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