Candy Cars

If only they were smaller, the candy car trend makes cars look so sugary delicious you want to lick them like rainbow whirly pops! Candy apple red used to be "˜the' hot race car color but the latest mouth watering options offer every color in the rainbow. Do-it-yourself candy paint kits make the transition from bland to candy as smooth as gumballs.

To sweeten the deal further those wanting to convert to candy colors can opt for a metallic or a clear candy look. Some great candy colors in the do-it-yourself range have some delicious sounding names as well. Some of these are fuchsia, lime green, mandarin orange and lemon yellow.

If you're really keen and want to mix your own candy car color these are the basic steps, only recommended for those that know what they are doing though! Prime and block down as many times as necessary. Apply base coat and then candy color. For an added unique candy effect apply a coat of clear paint mixed with flake followed by another coat of straight clear.

For those that aren't sure of exactly the candy look they are after, a number of websites offer palettes you can place on top of base coat colors to see what the effect will be. Alternatively candy color car bodies are available which you can purchase and actually place over your car (base colored applied already) as an overlay. In this way the car can be viewed in different light and the candy color finish seen clearly and accurately.

Candy color cars are fun and for the car hobby enthusiast, a neat addition to car color options. Other fun ideas for the enthusiast are stickers, motifs, creative hubcaps and knobs and of course all the great neon you can get for in and around the car.

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