Candy for our Troops

Supporting our troops is an important role for all civilians in this country. No one knows what our boys (and young women) need more than a Fort Benning, Ga. Organization that encourages donations of items, like candy in bulk, that come highly recommended from our troops abroad.

Candy for the troops

Goodies For Our Troops is led by founder and co-director Dawn Pletcher who organizes the collection and packaging of the goodies. Their stated mission is actually to help not only those military families that are living overses, but also those who themselves live at Fort Benning. Everything form boxer shorts and deodorant to canned fruits and, of course, candy.

When asked to list some of the top needs for the troops, candy items frequently came up. Most likely they cannot find abroad the candy they are used to in America. Items like Tootsie Roll midgees, Fun Size M&Ms, and Reese's Pieces were mentioned along with good old milk chocolate candy bars and hard candy lollipops. Bulk candy cheap and other affordable comforts from home can really help boost morale and help remind them that the people back home are thinking of them and support them.

Other food items that cracked the most popular list are beef jerky, Oreo cookies, chicken and tuna salad. Those go along with health products like hand sanitizer, travel sized body wash, disposable razors and foot aids as highly requested. Entertainment products like DVDs and video games are also in high demand, but fall a little further down the list than these other, more essential items.

Goodies For Our Troops does a great job and could always use your support in donations or other ways. If you are in the Fort Benning area and would like to contribute or would like to have someone you know added to the military recipients list, contact Dawn Pletcher at

Keep up the good work, Dawn!

Also check out their page on Facebook
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There are lots of great organizations that send care packages to troops. Find one you like and let our troops know you support them.

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