Candy Scents Popular with Fashion Celebrities

Mariah Carey Candy Bling

Candy is hot and candy scents are even hotter. It seems that as long as it's candy colored or candy scented it's been on the top of the must have list this year. DKNY is just one of the fashion heavyweights who have jumped on board the candy express with Delicious Candy Apple fragrances. Like Mariah Carey's candy fragrance line, DKNY has created a threesome of candy scents. The DKNY scents have been made and promoted with a candy apple theme. Donna Karan's scented threesome is deliciously named Ripe Raspberry, Sweet Caramel and Juicy Berry.

The eau de parfum is gorgeously presented in apple shaped bottles of candy purple, candy red and candy green. Colors any self respecting sports car would be proud of – in other words racy. Racy is the perfect word for these candy scents that definitely target a young, sexy crowd. The purple pottle contains the magic Juicy Berry perfume that will appeal to those who enjoy a nice musky wood essence with fresh, fruity overtones. Sweet Caramel Candy Apple is the green bottled scent and definitely the sweetest of the three options with hints of vanilla and marshmallow – yummy! Ripe Raspberry Candy Apple is of course the red bottle containing a fresh spring flavor, or rather smell, making it the brightest and bubbliest of the candy apple bunch.

DKNY fashion says class and sophistication. Coupling a candy scented threesome of perfumes with the DKNY branding creates a scent that gives the impression of fresh sophistication. Young people looking for a classy fresh scent won't have to worry about any flowery old undertones with these perfumes – they are all youth and sunshine and candy!

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