Candy Sculptures

candy sculptures

Candy sculptures are a sweet new spin on an old art passion using candy. Artists wanting to purchase bulk candy wholesale for their creative designs have been using the custom order opportunities available online to purchase the bulk candy they require for their very unique craft.

The Japanese have been sculpting candy for centuries and candy sculptures are becoming increasingly popular for social events and of course children's parties. It is also gaining popularity among artists keen to try a different craft medium. Many candies are of course quite pliable and make excellent modeling clay.

For the newbie interested in the craft knowing where to begin can be difficult. The true candy sculptors of Japan are only a handful now and the craft is really quite different ,and possibly less versatile than in the west where the artist is limited only by his or her imagination. YouTube have a number of videos showing Japanese candy sculptors creating their figurines which are very interesting and entertaining.

When creating candy sculptures the trickiest and most critical aspect seems to be in how the artist chooses to glue the various pieces of bulk candy together in an edible yet suitably adhesive manner. It is therefore important to experiment with this and get good at it before sculpting begins. What type of adhesive will also depend largely on the desired sculpted finish. Simple solutions might include candy strings or softened hard candy which will reset. A popular solution is to use sugar melted at very high temperatures, applied as a wet glue would be and then left to harden again. Alternatively mini blow torches are used to heat the sugar to bind pieces together much as a welder uses a torch to weld. This is an option that is more likely to be of benefit to an experienced sculptor and it is probably safer for the novice to stick with simpler ideas for adhering the candy into the desired shapes.

For those simply wanting to create something special for a party or an event, bulk candy sculptures can be created similarly to flower arrangements where no moulding or adhesion is required. Lollipop sculptures for example, are fun arrangements which can be set in Styrofoam of shapes and sizes suitable for any occasion. Using different types of lollipops can enhance the fun aspects or the theme of the party. Star flower pops, $100 dollar bill pops or retro lollipops for example, will each create a different visual in a lollipop arrangement.

Other clever candy ideas that can be pieced together to create fun and interesting shapes are color themed candy which can be used to amazing effect as can gum and bubblegum. As stated earlier, the opportunities for candy creations are limited only by the artist's imagination.

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