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Well it has finally been done and by Madonna no less! The music superstar has combined fitness with pleasure, in her newly introduced and now open to the public, Hard Candy Fitness Center. Madonna is a well known fitness fanatic, of course she is – how else do you look that good in your 50s. The first Hard Candy Fitness Center was opened in Mexico City (in the exclusive area of Bosques de las Lomas) on Monday by the Diva herself who cut the ribbon and opened the doors in front of throngs of fans. Not sure if they were keen to exercise or just get a look at the mega star – I suspect the latter? For a special few there was the opportunity to enjoy both the fitness and the star, as Madonna herself led the first aerobics class.

The Mexico sight is one of 10 international sights on the drawing board including American based locations. Once the Mexico fitness center has been operating for a time; all systems have been tested and excellent system and standard levels have been achieved, the other sights will then go live as well. Madonna herself had a big influence in every aspect of the gym from the design to the music and class choreography. She has created, she hopes, routines and themes which will be fun, motivational and inspirational. The gym itself wants for nothing. It is a massive 30,000 square feet and equipped with every device needed by even the most demanding gym junkie.

When asked about how she determined the name for her fitness centers, which is also the name of her 11th album (Hard Candy) she explained that she liked combining the concepts of hard body with eye candy, hence Hard Candy. She is quoted as saying, "It's a sexy name that gives you the opportunity to have fun and to build strength as far as the imagination will allow." Well, we love it!

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