Hot Tamales Competition

Stop the press another huge candy competition set sail and the winners have been decided. Two lucky people, winners of the Hot Tamales Competition, will sail on the Caribbean seas in January 2011 for a cruise featuring the entertainment and sounds of Sister Hazel. The competition was part of a series of concerts, promotions, and hot tamale and concert giveaways. The hot tamales competition and the promotions which are continuing throughout the United States are being run by the makers of the candy, Just Born Inc. To enter the hotly named Sizzle on the Seas competition entrants needed only to visit the hot tamales facebook page and follow the instructions. So easy!

Just Born are the company that make hot tamales and they are part of a great American candy tradition. A tradition that was born in 1910 when Sam Born immigrated to the United States, from Russia. Sam was a candy maker by trade who used innovative technology to produce chocolate sprinkles and the hard chocolate coating for ice cream bars. In 1923, Born opened a small candy-making and retail store in Brooklyn, New York where he advertised the freshness of his candy as candy that had been "˜just born.' Not long after this clever and witty entrepreneur opened his Brooklyn store he invited his brothers-in-law, Irv and Jack Shaffer, to join him in the business. The company run by these three men thrived in spite of the economic depression of the 1930s and, in 1932 they moved their base to Bethlehem, PA and that is where they stayed. To this day they make some of the world's best candy.

You see Just Born Inc don't just make hot tamales, they are also the makers and purveyors of other candy favorites like Mike and Ike candy, peanut chews candy and zours fruit candy. Their current company policy goes like this, "We believe we are part of a larger whole which includes our families, our organization, and the community of neighborhoods in which we work and live and to whom we bear responsibility and loyalty."_x009d_ That's a cool company policy by anyone's standards. So join in the fun, support a great brand, participate in their promotions to win some amazing prizes, and enjoy your hot tamales!

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