Sweet as Candy: Short Film

This New Zealand musical, short film has been hiding away for far too long, since 2003 to be precise. It's a confectionary tale of rock n roll, marching girls and roller skates created by director, Kezia Barnett. Barnett is clearly a genius and of the movie has this to say, "Bubble gum pop is my passion, and layering, visually and with content, is my love."_x009d_

Not to be confused with the 2006 Hollywood film called Candy and directed by Neil Armford. That film is much deeper, way more serious and much less pink. This film, Sweet as Candy takes place in the pop plastic, milk bar universe of Bubblegum Valley. It is the love story of Blue and Candy. From the musical lyrics and interspersed dialogue we know that there are rumors that Blue has been untrue and Candy is clearly not happy about it. It doesn't take long though, for the music and hair gel to overwhelm any feelings of despair. Blue arrives at the Paperdoll Diner (where Candy is waiting) in his mint Cadillac where he breaks into song and proclaims his love for Candy. In fact everybody, Blue, Candy, marching bands and Blue and Candy look-alikes all break into song and dance.

The movie is very candy pink and candy blue which is a little overwhelming at times. The movie look and feel is actually very similar to the popular 2010 Katy Perry video, Candyland. Especially the candy colored hair and clothes. The plot and the cinematography are nowhere near the slick perfection of Hollywood but for those who enjoy something a little different and fun; Sweet as Candy fits the bill. So different in fact that it makes Wonka's candy factory look normal. The icing on the cake; the movie was produced by Bubblegum Valley Productions. Sweet!

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