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Spicy Candy is Blowing Up. Mexican Candy Lit the Fuse.

Spicy candy is so hot right now. Traditional Mexican candy has lead the way and encouraged US candy makers to introduce hot and spicy versions of classic American candies.

Why Candy Won’t Ruin Your New Year’s Weight Loss Plan

The word "diet" makes us frown because it’s synonymous with deprivation, hanger, and missing out. Plus, when done incorrectly, diets are actually a big waste of time. Psychology Today reports that 95 percent of those who engage in deprivation diets gain the weight back within two years because instead of making lifestyle changes, people temporarily cut out certain...

5 New Beer Flavored Snacks That Will Astound Your Taste Buds

If there’s one thing Americans love more than soaring eagles and waving flags, it’s beer. We’re hoppy for hefeweizens, we’re astounded by stouts and we’re particular about our pale ales. We write ballads and novels about it, we throw festivals for it and we consume more of it than just about every other country in

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