The Santa Claus Parade

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the Santa Claus parade and candy canes. No matter where in the country you live, rural or urban, chances are you recall sitting curb side, sucking on a candy cane and watching with fascination as the floats (or tractors and farm animals) rolled past in all their glory. It was a time when glittering costumes worn by red cheeked children and adults, so proud to be in the parade smiling and waving, sparkled reflected in children's eyes alight with wonder. Clowns walking on hands bounding down city streets and handing out candy treats to awestruck children. Is there ever again a time of such youthful wonder?

A Santa Claus parade is one of those rare occasions we enjoy together as adults and children. It is also a time when local communities unite, not just to watch but also to participate. Major sponsors donate freely of time, money and staff when stores could be open and cash registers ringing. As such the parade, regardless of religious denomination or belief, represents a time when the very best of our communities and ourselves are apparent.

The Santa Claus parade and Christmas candy canes are a tradition founded upon Christian belief its true, but here again the goodwill of whole communities is apparent. Every parent regardless of culture, belief or ethnicity is welcome and represented at a Santa Claus parade. Every child regardless of the ideologies of their parents, is offered a candy cane and a bellowed Ho Ho Ho from the big guy himself. Again, this event, perhaps more than any other, represents the combined goodwill of communities and should be cherished. Technology being the wonder that it is even allows us to have a taste of the parades of other towns and cities. The Santa Claus parade and candy canes: It's Christmas!

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